Geolocation error not firing when location services is turned off [SOLVED]

Is there a way i can check if location services is completely turned off on the device before trying to get a position?

I have the following

 Geolocation.getCurrentPosition().then((position) => {
        console.log(`got position at ${position.coords.latitude}, ${position.coords.longitude}`);
      }, error => {
        console.log('Location error with user id existing', error);

nothing is being written to the log, i even tried the .catch() still nothing is being written, the error does fire if i deny gps location to the browser when testing, my problem is on the device, if location services is turned on everything works but i want to do something when location is off/cant get location so i notify the user about it but cant seem to catch the right place for the error.


From the plug-in website…
Android Quirks

If Geolocation service is turned off the onError callback is invoked after timeout interval (if specified). If timeout parameter is not specified then no callback is called.


Thanks for sharing the update!