GeoFence: onTransitionReceived() is called, but no notification is shown on Android Version 8

Hi Ionites,

I am currently using this plugin with Ionic 3. I got the geofences working,and they seem to work when enter/leave geofence locations. The only problem is that the notification is not working. In the onTransitionReceived() I throw a toast, which is shown when entering the location/adding a fence. Also I hear a sound of a notification coming in, yet I do not see a notification…

can you share the code for adding geofences and ontransition received method codes??


This is the code for adding the Geofences. I am getting the list of data from the API.

getGeofencedata() {
    this.getFenceData().subscribe(geofenceObj => {
      this._geoFenceList =;
      if (this._geoFenceList.length > 0) {
        let fenceList = this.getFenceList(this._geoFenceList);
    }, err => {
      console.log('geofence not set');
getFenceList(rawfencelist) {
    return JSON.stringify(rawfencelist.filter(f => f).map(fence => {
      return fence = {
        id: fence._id,
        latitude: parseFloat(fence.geocoordinates.x),
        longitude: parseFloat(fence.geocoordinates.y),
        radius: parseFloat(fence.radiusinmeters),
        transitionType: 1,
        notification: {
          title: fence.notificationtitle,
          text: fence.notificationmessage,
          openAppOnClick: true

This is my onTransitionReceived() method code.

this.geofence.onTransitionReceived().subscribe(resp => {
  console.log("geofence on transition recieved", resp);

Try with different devices than check whether it’s able to show notification or not?