Geocoding with Ionic Vue & Capacitor

Hello, I’m trying to use geocoding for my app with Vue, but can’t find the way to use Native Geocoder who work with only angular…

which plugin are you trying to use, please provide additional information

first install

npm install @ionic-native/native-geocoder

Then in your code import geocoder

import { NativeGeocoder } from "@ionic-native/native-geocoder";

in your code, call the function

const results = await NativeGeocoder.forwardGeocode(
  "1134 buchanan st, nw",
    maxResults: 5,
    useLocale: true

Hi @aaronksaunders , thanks for the reply

I’m trying to use this one => Native Geocoder: Forward and Reverse Geocoding in iOS/Android

When using it, It requires to install cordova & angular js

Finally I find a way to use an api without key.

If someone is interessted, it’s :

this is not the solution, it is a work around… the code i provided above works and I tested it… not sure what you were doing wrong, but I dont want others who come along and believe that your work around is a solution

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