Generating docs for own components like ionic-docs

Hey there,

is it possible to generate a documentation like the API Reference from the ionic-docs for my own components?

I know there are several other tools to generate documentation like TypeDoc, Compodoc or StoryBook, but I really like the way the components are documented and previewed!

The preview in a mobile frame with the option to switch the OS is definitely a unique feature. Would be great to stick to the Ionic universe for generating docs.

Could the toolchain/scripts from ionic-docs be used to generate own content? Has anyone experience in doing so?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

eu acredito que essa seria a melhor maneira. porem uma ideia que tive é você gravar a interação com os componentes em forma de gif, não é a melhor solução, mas é uma solução simples.

Just an idea, I don’t know any tools, but maybe you could clone the doc project of Ionic and then use it for your doc if you want the exact same setup?

Like I said just an idea…