Generate Dash docset


I am a big fan of Dash application since it allow a quick and unified way to browse documentations.
I would really like to have Ionic docs available for this platform.
Here is all the generator supported.
I have generated the Dgeni version, but I don’t think it is compatible with any of them: can someone point me out on which is compatible with Ionic doc?
In case someone else were interested, I think it would be nice to have also an official release.


I’m gonna go ahead and try to create one myself. Seems like docs are in driftyco/ionic-site repo in github.


Did anyone ever get this working in Dash?


Shoving the whole html into dash is not a hard task, but for the search and indexing to work, need to parse the doc and build the index database (as specified in dash documentation). I was thinking to write a script for automated parsing, but no real work have been done yet.

Actually if someone from core team can help, that’ll be great (can anyone mention them? i don’t know them). I want to know how the docs in the ionic-site repo is made. Is that parsed from source somehow? or whole thing is hand written?


I generated a docset and created a PR at Github:


Thanks a ton, this is very helpful!