Gallery load more (infinite-scroll)

Hello ionic community,
i have a problem with my gallery scroller, rather i need an idea to create it.

Here is my codepen:

What i need is, if i scroll vertically i will call “$scope.loadMoreGallery” to load more gallery scroller and if i scroll horizontally i will call “$scope.loadMorePictures” to load more pictures in the specific scroller.

I try to use ion-infinite-scroll to call loadMoreGallery the like:

<ion-infinite-scroll icon="ion-loading-d" on-infinite="loadMoreGallery()" distance="10%"></ion-infinite-scroll>

it works but i cannot use it because i use overflow-scroll=“true”. If i disable it i cannot more scroll vertically truth my gallery list.

So, what i need is to call the alert in the functions, if the scroll distance is 10%, but in booth directions. The rest is simple.

Hope anyone can help with an good idea :smile:


Well you could try this.

nice, thank you for your help, it works nice.

but there is a litte problem,
can you fix your code so i have the same scroll feeling like in my example?
now i cannot tap on the picture to scroll vertically i must tap between the images on the list.