Future browsers supported by ionic, video audio webRTC

Chromium support was one of the best things I expirienced, seriously.

Im currently working on voip app and it gets realy messy, i tried to work with sip trunking and asterisk server, (you can see on this post why I struggled), Then, I went to Twilio javascript client amaized to discover after so much testing with ionic serve it dosent work on the mobile browsers. I finished integrating a plugin that can bridg between the Twilio javascript SDK and the Twilio android and IOS SDK.

With that said, I was wondering if there is a plan to integrate another browsers support in the future, and if there is, what browsers?
I assume those browsers must have a huge value like the preformence boost crosswalk obtaind.

Please consider Bowser!! it can add very usful functionality to almost any app, supprting webRTC making the whole communication issue to a walk in the park.

if you dont find this browser worthy, i will be glad to hear and anderstand what exactly supporting new browser requires, and do the integration myself (if i can).