fullScreen on ultrawide Android Phone

Hi guys. I am a noob and a new user of Ionic5. I created an ionic5 blank template using Angular. I use Ionic because I am wrapping Phaser3 games.

Basically, everything is fine, but one thing. I cannot go fullScreen on newer ultrawide android phones.

Here is a screenshot to show the issue I am describing.

I edited the manifest file to lock the orientation on portrait. I also changed the mainActivity file to implement the disappearing bar and go fullscreen immersive mode. I need to use the entire height of the screen and I want the black bar to disappear.

Edit. The games I have created go fullScreen without issues on old android Phones with 16/9 screen. I have this issue only with the newer ultrawide screens and I don’t even know what to look for in order to solve this problem.

I already googled everything I could, followed google docs and youtube videos. But I don’t know how to solve the issue.