Full user text - don't truncate


My app alows the user to take notes and saves them. Since the length can be arbitraty, what html tag should I use to make sure the whole text is displayed, preferably with automated linebreaks and not truncated as I have it right now.

              <ion-col width-100><b>Your notes</b></ion-col>
              <ion-col width-100>{{userNotes}}</ion-col>


It is the CSS within the that is causing that issue. I would suggest a different set of tags to build your UI with.


try adding class="item-text-wrap" to your element


Not sure about the ion-grid within the ion-item, but I would guess that it’s the ion-item element that is truncating your text. You should be able to disable by adding the text-wrap attribute:
<ion-item text-wrap>