Full Screen Cards

How to make card images like this always fit the screen

  <div class="item item-avatar">
    <img src="avatar.jpg">
    <h2>Pretty Hate Machine</h2>
    <p>Nine Inch Nails</p>

  <div class="item item-image">
    <img src="cover.jpg">

  <a class="item item-icon-left assertive" href="#">
    <i class="icon ion-music-note"></i>
    Start listening


It can be smaller than the screen, but it never can be bigger, so the image need to adjust for the closest height that keeps the ratio…

Or how to make responsive images with a maximun height in ionic?

without flexbox if possible…

or only how to make it full width

I also want to know how to do this.

Anyone figure this out?