From ionic app manipulate cookie associated with extern url


I use angular’s $http, $httpProvider (withCredentials=true) and $cookies from my ionic app.

I see $http GET/POST adds cookies that I cannot manipulate (delete or change) through angular’s $cookies service from my Ionic app. Likely because for the platform’s XHR low-level implementation, these cookies are bound to the website’s domain (what’s different from my app’s domain served by cordova/ionic).

Does somebody know a technique to manipulate such cookies through Ionic/cordova?

In this case it is the cookie ‘ASP.NET_SessionId’. I want to delete or clear it to be able to login using $http as another user (the website is recognizing, through that cookie, each time the previous logged in user and a ‘logout’ seems not to remedy).


PS With $cookies I can iterate over and then manipulate some of the cookies that the external website sends but not the ASP.NET_SessionId (and a few others; I can see their precense by the firefox/chrome browser debugger). That cookie has “httpOnly” flag set.

Oke, after some googling, I conclude that cookies with the httpOnly flag cannot be manipulated (unless the underlying XHR implementation would be broken).

same problem here . any solution yet?