Fresh ionic app not working in browser


I try to use ionic in browser, ionic serve is doing fine but when i execute ionic build browser and serve the output with simple http server i get the following errors:

Uncaught module cordova/confighelper not found
cordova.js:891 deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds.
cordova.js:884 Channel not fired: onCordovaReady
cordova.js:884 Channel not fired: onCordovaInfoReady

The reason i want to do this, because i want to use cordova plugins in the browser. Ionic serve not let me use cordova. Reproducable without any additional plugin.

ionic --version
cordova --version

Windows7 x64

How to reproduce:

  • ionic start todo blank
  • ionic platform add browser
  • ionic build
  • navigate to build output folder, copy files to a folder and serve these files with a simple HTTP server.
  • open browser


Did you solve this?
I have the same problem!


I don’t know if platform browser should considered stable, please check the issues here:

Maybe you can try to test your app with:

ionic serve


I use cordova serve…


Same issue: if I use ionic serve (without cordova) everything is fine, but if I use the version under /platforms/browser/www/ (result from ionic build browser) here the errors:

Uncaught module cordova/confighelper not foundrequire @ cordova.js:59localRequire @ cordova.js:49(anonymous function) @ SplashScreenProxy.js:32build @ cordova.js:53require @ cordova.js:68localRequire @ cordova.js:49exports.mapModules @ cordova.js:1171(anonymous function) @ cordova.js:979channel.join.f @ @ cordova.js:761(anonymous function) @ cordova.js:971onScriptLoadingComplete @ cordova.js:1301scriptLoadedCallback @ cordova.js:1318(anonymous function) @ cordova.js:1272

So I uninstalled cordova-plugin-splashscreen and now everything it is fine for the browser, but of course I cannot see the splashscreen on Android anymore :frowning: