Fresh install of Ionic, commands do not execute (nothing happens)


Hi there,

I’ve recently been given a new machine and have been installing all the necessary tools in order to get ionic up and running. I’ve installed ionic and cordova using the npm install -g ionic cordova command. The tools eventually install successfully with no errors, but when I run ionic -v to make sure things have installed, nothing happens. No logging comes up or message detailing the version, just nothing.

This happens with every single command I try (ionic build, ionic start, etc. etc.).

Is there any way I can check a log file or something to get an idea of why this isn’t working? It’s a Windows 10 machine, and I can see I have the necessary permissions

  • Check your version of node installed is latest (LTS) version.
  • type ‘where ionic’ at the command line to confirm ionic is installed to your AppData\Roaming\npm folder


I’ll add to this: when you install ionic and cordova globally, make sure you’re running an admin prompt.
This can cause many issues in windows-land.