freezeScroll not working

Hey there,

I have an and two different inside. Each ion-scroll has his own delegate-handle.

**$ionicScrollDelegate.$getByHandle(‘mainScroll’).freezeScroll(); ** is not working as I’m still able to scroll using the mainScroll. I also tried to add “true” in freezeScroll parameters even if the parameter is optional, but still no luck.

Does anyone have an idea of what might cause this ?



you have to pass true to the function, because it is a setter and getter function --> if no argument is passed --> you get the current value. If you pass a value --> freezeScroll is set and returns the new value.

which ionic version do you use?

in the newest version default scrolling is native overflow-scrolling.
Maybe the freezeScroll-function only works with javascript scrolling.

To activate this you have to set scroll="true" for your ionScroll or ionContent.

Thanks for your answer.

It turns out freezeScroll only works with JS scrolling, so I enabled it in my config.

what!!?! how can there be no freeze for native scroll? I MUST use native and drag an object onto a native scroll element.