FormData() not working when run android --device

Hey !

I’m having some troubles using FormData() when I run my app on an Android device.
In fact, I want to take a pic with the camera.
So this is my code account.component.ts :
    // Get the image in base 64
    (imageData) => this.accountService.uploadImage(image).subscribe((data) => console.log(data)),
    (err) => {

account.service.ts :

uploadImage(image: string): Observable<any> {

    const body = new FormData();
    body.append('key', environment.key.toString());
    body.append('userauth', this.tokens.get());
    body.append('image', image);

    console.log('Params :', body);
    return<any>(`${environment.api}`, body)
        map((res => {
          console.log('Res :', res);
          if (res.error) {
            throw new Error(res.msg as string);
          return res;

console.log(body) give me an empty FormData object.

I have this issue ONLY when I want to take a pic with the camera.
If I select a pic in the gallery, it’s working.

Do you have an idea about it ?