Form values disappear after interacting with select in ionic

When the user interacts and selects a value in the select, or input of type file, the values of the other fields of the form disappear. Has anyone had this problem? How to solve it? I use the latest version of ionic with react.

show the code that you are using would be helpful in identifying your issue

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<form className={styles.formulario} onSubmit={(e) => { e.preventDefault(); setDesativado(true)}}>
                <IonLabel>Post type</IonLabel>
                <IonSelect value={tipo} okText="Ok" cancelText="Cancel" onIonChange={e => setTipo(e.detail.value)}>
                    <IonSelectOption value="2">Warning</IonSelectOption>
                    <IonSelectOption value="3">News</IonSelectOption>
                    <IonSelectOption value="4">Posts </IonSelectOption>                                                      </IonSelect>
                <IonLabel position='floating'>Title</IonLabel>                        
                <IonInput name="titulo_publicacao" type="text" value="" ></IonInput>

            <IonItem >
                <IonTextarea rows={7} value="" className={styles.text_area} name="texto_publicacao" ></IonTextarea>
                <label htmlFor="arquivo">{arquivo}</label>
                <input className="arquivo" type="file" name="arquivo" id="arquivo" onChange={(e) => {



            <IonButton expand="block" type="submit" disabled={desativado}>Post</IonButton>


Thanks for your help, but I found the error just now. The solution is to remove value="" from the fields. Starting fields with empty string is not a good idea. It can work with html, but not with react.