Force landscape but allow rotate


I made an app for andorid tablet, i has to be in landscape mode but I need it to allow rotation of device, meaning that the app will rotate if I take the tablet upside down but always in landspace mode.

I use:

Is there something like:

Any ideas?

You can specify below line in config.xml file, which will take care of the orientation lock.

<preference name="Orientation" value="landscape"/>

If you want more control over orientation programatically use this Native plugin

The thing is it always stays in landscape but in one way example:

if I take the tablet with the bottom buttons on the right, I see the app fine, but if I rotate the tablet so the bottom buttons will be on the left (upside down) my app does not rotate to stay landscape. It stays in landscape but upside down

If Orientation specification in config.xml file didn’t help, try the Screen Orientation native plugin. Using that, you can achieve the landscape primary and secondary (if rotation is enabled )

Can I use that plugin if my project is v1? Because the link you gave me is for angular 2

Yes, just you have to use lower version of js module for the same plugin which is compatible with your project’s ionic version.