Force app update

What’s the best way to ensure people aren’t using outdated versions of an app? I’ve seen some apps like banking apps and even Pokemon Go that force an update at times. I couldn’t find any plugins for that in Ionic Native - does anyone know of anything offhand?

I can’t think of any way you could enforce this in a purely distributed way (IOW, if the user puts the device in airplane mode, nothing you can do).

If the app makes requests to a server in order to function, you could put an app version number into them and return something like 400 app too old for requests from outdated app versions. It would not be bulletproof, because a determined user could defeat it very simply (for example with a proxy), but I suppose it would likely motivate most users to simply upgrade.

That’s actually exactly what I was thinking, thought there might be a more standardized way though. Putting it in airplane mode wouldn’t help them as the app requires a connection to work anyway.

Not sure because I don’t use it, but if you use Ionic Pro Live Deploy, couldn’t this be a way to push your users to always use the last version of your app?

Ok not the last version of the plugin but at least the bundle

Yep, I’ve played around with that and it works great for pure js updates, but binary updates it doesn’t help with. I’ll go with an API call versioning system, it should be work fine.

Have you checked this

Cordova App Update Plugin

For anyone still looking for something like this, you should try this library, It works for both iOS and Android, it checks a file hosted on your server on startup and promps you with an update message.

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