For Loop not working

how to i do a for loop for this as i have dynamic variable

for(let i = 0; i < task.approver.length;i++){







its seems like the app did the for loop first even before entering the method. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
ps. just started programming.

angular.forEach(task.approver, function(item, key){

If your are using ionic v1 then try to read angularjs documentation for basic javascript programming questions,
there is angular.isUndefined() or angular.copy() read more about it.

I don’t really like how this looks like, try to improve your API response in order to access to a propierty and not to a index position.

Sorry for my bad english.

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The above function call is a asynchronous. So it will not wait till its execution to continue loop, that is the reason loop is getting finished first before it executes that method.

You can use asyn & await to avoid that behaviour.