Font awesome for ionic2


Is there any instructions how to add font-awesome to ionic2 project?




Maybe it could help you.


This doesn’t help because ionic.config.js is depreciated. Need a different way.


@GareraDev, If you are using the gulpfile.js to build your project as per: then you can do what I did.

I imported "font-awesome": "4.6.1" via NPM as a devDependency.
After this, I added @import "font-awesome"; to my app.core.scss.
In the gulpfile I expanded the gulp.tasks for sass and fonts, at the bottom of the file to the following:

gulp.task('sass', function(){
  return buildSass({
    sassOptions: {
      includePaths: [

and did the same for the fonts task:

gulp.task('fonts', function () {
  return copyFonts({
    src: [

I hope that helps. Let me know how you get on.


@pjhartin After doing what you suggested I get this error back when running ionic serve.

Error: File to import not found or unreadable: /Users/AnthonyGarera/Ionic-Github-Search/node_modules/font-awesome Parent style sheet: /Users/AnthonyGarera/Ionic-Github-Search/app/theme/app.core.scss on line 14 of app/theme/app.core.scss @import "/Users/AnthonyGarera/Ionic-Github-Search/node_modules/font-awesome"; ^

Any suggestions?


Drop the full filepath and only use @import "font-awesome"