Following ionic guide, can't see the menu


Hi There,

I’m following ionic guide and I’m supposed to see this and instead i’m seeing this.
I can see my item menu inside HTML so angular repeat is ‘working’. Can somebody tell me what’s wrong? I thought maybe it is related to css?

thanks for your help.



it is hard to debug when all you have is a screenshot.
Do you have some sample code somewhere, like on plunkr?
First and only thing I can think of right now is, do you have ion-content has-header=“true” ?


I’m having what seems like the same issue. It seems like the ionic directives aren’t working. Angular is functioning ok (repeat is working when inspected) and I can put console logs in my controller and I see them. But, the headers, side-menus and lists aren’t appearing.

I’ve recreated it in Plunkr here:

This is using v0.9.24 of the ionic bundle and css.

Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!


Solved. Upgrading to latest ionic 0.9.26 fixes it.

I guess it was the breaking change that moved directive names to be prefixed by ion-.


(back from a break)

I’ve done the same, works. Thanks udi.