Folder structure for Ionic + Node.js project. What's recommended?

If I want to have an Ionic frontend with a Node.js backend, what’s the recommended way to organise the folder structure so that you can run ionic command-line, and also manage npm packages for the server app, etc.

It feels a bit strange running two command-line tools (ionic and npm) in the same folder.


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Would also appreciate advice on this :smile:

A developer suggested me have the Ionic frontend and Node backend as two different projects, but I’m not happy with that response as I want them integrated in a full-stack app.

I’m a few days away to having to define this. What I’m thinking I might do is create the node project, then create the ionic folder inside of the node project folder, inside like a client folder or something like that.

Would love to know what the best practices are.

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I ended up having the frontend Ionic app, and the Node backend as two different projects, github repos etc.