Focus input programatically + scroll

Second problem -
Are you trying to scroll your container/view on certain event?
Try looking at this solution (I haven’t tested it in iOS yet). You can call that function after required event gets trigerred.

First problem -
If it helps, look at this solution.

Mine implementation -


<ion-input #messageInput placeholder="Type your message" name="inputMessage" on-return="sendMessage()" 


import { Component, ViewChild, * * } from '@angular/core';

export class HomePage {
    @ViewChild("messageInput") public messageInput: ElementRef;

    public setInputFocus(){
        var elem:any = this.messageInput;
        elem._native.nativeElement.focus(); // Keep the focus on input field.

The setInputFocus is the function which focusses on input field. You need to call it from some event or function (may be from SendMessage()).
You can set blurOnSubmit={false} to your <ion-input> if you want to retain keyboard opened after you submit message (using Enter).