Flipped image with front camera, urgent!


Very strange for me, occupy the same code in another application if it works on Android reverses the image in -90. Try September correctOrientation = true does not work for me. Someone with the same error and could fix it ??

$scope.getPhoto = function() {
    Camera.getPicture().then(function(imageURI) {
      $scope.lastPhoto = imageURI;
       }, function() {
       }, {
          quality: 75,
         correctOrientation: true


up up, anyone else with this problem ??

Impossible to use cookies in my application

Soo, it doesn’t work on android or iOS?


I found a solution. I noticed that on some devices by resolution of the images, what I did was first enable the option to crop the image, I realized that cutting it did not pass the error. but I do not need that, it’s a step I do not want to add. so I did that automatically dimensioned. That solved my problem on all devices. This happened only mistake android.