Flex layout approach in ionic

Hey there,
so I was browsing the webz until i found something really interesting. http://www.joshmorony.com/how-to-create-complex-layouts-in-ionic/

Which made me think I want to try this, but unfortunately this approach is not working for Safari and iOS (maybe some other Browser as well). In Safari and iOS the grid is not being formatted, instead it is all chunked up at the top.

I need to stress out, that I just tried it in ionic view, since I have no mac. Chrome, Firefox and surprisingly IE is working fine so far.

Can anyone else replicate this iOS-“feature” and maybe even give a solution to this?

Help would be greatly appreciated!

I updated the code in the tutorial if you need a reference, and to anybody else who stumbled across this you need to use “-webkit-flex” for Safari / iOS (instead of just flex, flex-direction etc.)

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Thanks for your help!