FIXED: Xcode 14.3 doesn't work. Building operations fail - FIXED

I’ve updated Xcode to 14.3 and suddenly I can’t “archive” my build but I can run it on my real devices/simulator.

I’ve rolled back to Xcode 14.2 and the “archive” works fine again and I was able to submit my app, but right now there are known issues with the latest Xcode.


Yes, this looks like it’s a significant issue affecting the CocoaPods. It’s affecting several builds with Cordova, capacitor, and flutter.

At this moment we have to wait. A pull request has been made to solve this issue.

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update your cocoapods with
sudo gem install cocoapods

the issue has been fixed

we recommend using homebrew for installing CocoaPods, at least if using Apple Silicon computers as some dependencies don’t work well on Silicon chips when using gem install, so for updating you should do

brew update
brew upgrade cocoapods
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Thanks for the suggestion

Before executing the below steps I changed couple of pods deployment target to 12 !
Just updating cocoapods didn’t work for me. I had to change “” file which is inside of Pods folder.
find it in “Pods → Targets Support Files → Pods-App → Pods-App-frameworks”
Replaced source=“$(readlink “${source}”)” with source=“$(readlink -f “${source}”)”

Just update CocoaPods and you’ll avoid having to do manual changes to files