Fixed List Attached to footer

Hi All,
I currently have a simple single view app with a header, list content and footer.

I would like another list view to appear below the content list and above the footer when an item is selected (this will display related items). The number of potential items is variable, so ideally this view would vary in height up to a maximum value (say, the height of three items), after which it would have to be scrolled to show the other items.

I can get ionic to display the items in a list by hacking around with sub-footers or divs with custom CSS, but these all seem to have some sort of issue (the detail list will be unscrollable, or appear at the top, or neither of the lists will be selectable).

Is there a by-the-book way to achieve this, or is this type of layout unsupported?

Thanks for your help!

ever get a reply to this? i’m also interested!

Hah, 'fraid not. I continued to mess around with things but never managed to achieve it. Multiple scroll panes seem to have tenuous support in Ionic at best!