First page shows blank

I just installed ionic 4 beta version. Simply loads test app using ionic serve command. I have not done any coding .its simply for testing. But it loads the URL http://localhost:8100/ and shows the blank white page in the browser

It will load localhost that’s totally normal. And about the blank page, have you seen the homepage.html if it is blank or any code is written on it??

Yes is in the path myApp\src\app\home. It contains the code






<ion-content padding>

The world is your oyster.

<p>If you get lost, the <a target="_blank" rel=“noopener” href=“”>docs</a> will be your guide.</p>


In that case it should display the content of homepage. Try adding some items or image anything you want and then try to serve and see if it displays the data.

Actually the hompage should be in path: myApp\src\app\pages\home

But here home page is in myApp\src\app\home. I am using ionic 4 beta version.