First Launch Modal



I was wondering if it was possible to have a modal open after the first launch of an application. I would like to use it as a terms and conditions type of thing. I was not able to find what I was looking for when doing some research.



Hi @jeff3597,

In which ionic version you want this?


Preferably In ionic 3 if that is possible


Hi there @jeff3597, have you seen ionic storage? I think it does the trick you’re looking for.


I have tried but I have not been able to implement in correctly. Would you happen to have any sample code?


As @andreven pointed out, this can be done with the storage service: It would look like this in your app’s initialization code (untested):'__modalShown').then((modalShown) => {
  if (!modalShown) {
    // open modal here'__modalShown', true);


would it go in the NgOnInit() function? Or is there a better place to put it?


Use the ionViewDidEnter hook I would say. Not sure if ionViewWillEnter is ok.

See navcontroller docs

Which is not present in app.conponent.ts

Then u need to rely on angular lifecycle hooks that run after conpletion of the view. And they have a different syntax!


I would actually create a function to check that on my app.component.ts