fireIonic - Ionic 3 Firebase Starter Kit

Finally! Our new @Ionicframework #starter is available! fireIonic - Ionic 3 Firebase Starter Kit, Social login, Push Notifications, Geo Firestore, CRUD, i18n and more.


- Firebase Backend

  • Cloud Storage, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Messaging, Cloud Functions & AngularFire2.

- Push Notifications

  • With Firebase Cloud Messaging.

- Functions

  • Samples of Cloud Functions scripts triggered when Firestore data is managed.

- Internationalization

  • i18n powered by ngx-translate

- Geo Firestore

  • Queries location with AGM (Angular Google Maps) + Cloud Firestore.

- Firebase Authentication

  • Email + Facebook, Google & Twitter.


  • Manage data from Cloud Firestore.

- UI/UX Features

  • Animations, Form validations, Alerts & Toasts.

Check it to know more about on Ionic Market:

Official post:

Many thanks!


Ionic 3 Hybrid Mobile App or Ionic 3 PWA?

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Only Hybrid Mobile App! PWA i’ll add in the Ionic 4 version :smiley: