Firebase with geofire and ionic, $firebaseArray not updating my list in real time



I’m new bee to firebase, I have problem dynamically adding items to ng-repeat list, my code is:

db = firebase.database();
var firebaseRef =  db.ref('/');
var geoFire = new GeoFire(firebaseRef);
var ref = geoFire.ref();  // ref === firebaseRef

var geoQuery = geoFire.query({
  center: [41.996739, 21.423780],
  radius: 2000

$scope.requests = [];

geoQuery.on("key_entered", function(key) ){


        .then(function(snapshot) {
          // ... and add it to the matches array


I put alert for debugging and when key enters location radius alert is firing, but my list is not automatically updated, if I refresh view on my app, than I can see my item updated. If I remove geofire and use $firebaseArray to get items, they are updating my list automatically on every change, new item or removed item.

I also tried to implement $firebaseArray with geofire, but always I got errors.

What I’m doing wrong here? or how can I Implement $firebaseArray with geofire.

I’m on firebase version 3.9, geofire 4.1.2, angularfire 2.3.0