Firebase service - Getting data from firestore

I’m working on an ionic firebase application. And for that i have a service file for firebase to get data from different collections. It was working fine before. But now i’m getting a error
public getMyReviews(id): Promise {

return new Promise<any>((resolve, reject) => {

  this.adb.collection('reviews', ref => ref.where('restId', '==', id)).get().subscribe(async (review) => {

    let data = => {

      let item =; =;

      item.uid.get().then(function (doc) {

        item.uid =;


      return item;



  }, error => {





The error is in the line = and item.uid.get(), the error says that cannot find or item.uid. What is the problem? i don’t know what change made this error to come

changing let item =; to let item:any = fixes the error