Firebase rules and permissions


I’m tring to setup a realtime database with firebase. I’m getting problems about the rules. I wrote this simple rules:

service cloud.firestore {
  match /databases/{database}/documents {
    match /players/{playerId}  {
     allow read, write: if request.auth.uid == playerId;

And this is my method to auth the user with sms:

                 .signInWithPhoneNumber(phoneNumberString, appVerifier)
                 .then(confirmationResult => {
                  // other code and wait user to insert the code and send it with an action listener on a button
                  firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged((user) => {
                                    if (user) {
                                         // here I write a user in my db

But after the user insert the right code sent by firebase, and he is authenticated, firebase return me he has not the right permission to write.

How should I fix it to make it works, because I’m not figure out and online I didn’t find anything that could help me.


Try the emulator in your firebase console where u can set the ruled

There it can tell you which rules kicks you

I’m sure it is the second one becouse if I set rules on no security It works