Firebase .key

Hi all,

I really need your help. I’m trying to get the “Key” value of my data from firebase.

i’m using this code in my constructor to link my data, the problem is when I use “valueChanges()” I can read the data but when I change it to " SnapshotChanges()" I only can read the Key value.

this.fbd.list("programacion/" + this.device.uuid + this.idBusqueda).valueChanges().subscribe(_data =>{
this.programacion = _data;

I need to read the data to show in an alarm, but also need to read the key value to delete it from a list.

In the delete fuction I use this, to try to find the key value, but I will be honest, I’m just copying code to try what I get cause I don’t know how to do it.

this.values = this.fbd.list(“programacion/” + “null” + this.idBusqueda).snapshotChanges().pipe(map(actions =>[i])));
// .pipe((actions => (this.programacion[i].key)));

Please help me.
Best regards and happy christmas season.