Firebase integration for push notifications

I am creating an app in ionic 4 and want to use firebase push notifications I am following this tutorial and still on my emulator i dont get any push notifications can you please let me know if there is something missing or if you have a better tutorial that is working please let me know

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maybe you can search these three sites for a tutorial that may help you?

Please post back if you find something.

Good luck!

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not much help if you ever added push notifications using FCM kindly share your findings

Never did that yet.
I just received this by email, does it help?

I got that working with cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated v2.4 (note the mispelling of dependeNcy - there’s a fork, where it’s spelled correctly, but I’m guessing it’s not uptodate/maintained as well); but it’s moved forward a little in with some changes with Cordova (partially required because of a change to a deprecated module in iOS). Currently working on getting it working again with v6.4 (obvious a little has changed, otherwise it would work); and while I can get device tokens out of my test devices, I can’t get them to receive/display the notifications yet.

On iOS I had to do an explicit requestPushPermissionIOS (previously it seems to have been handled for me).


I got it working with 6.4.1

here are the example apps:

i used pretty much the same structure as shown here:

Migrate to capacitor and follow this tutorial…:wink:
There is a link in the tutorial you shouldn’t miss ->

it works perfect on my side…