Firebase Dynamic Links for App invites

has anyone tried dynamic links for app friends invites?


Any updates on this? I’d love to find a way to let users invite each other to my app… not sure if there’s any other way that’s as effective and well-built as firebase.

Nothing yet but i think beta 12 is coming with url support so it will be easier to use firebase dynamic links.

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Hey guys, not sure if anyone solved this for you guys, but I just did a write up here about firebase and branch dynamic links.

Dynamic Links, Firebase vs. Branch

Sorry to post to an old topic, but has anyone revisited Firebase Dynamic Links vs. Branch? Has it improved in terms of the edge cases that @theilcole ran into or are those still issues?

The reason I ask is that I am already using Firebase for other things, so if I can limit the number of platforms and vendors that I interact with, then I prefer to do so