Fill native grid with JSON data?

How can I fill a grid from JSON data??
I could not find anything to accomplish that.
Is there any native grid component?

it is covered in the DOCS

I believe the docs cover only static grids? I can’t see how to bind the grid to a JSON data source.
I know ngGrid does that but it’s a third party plugin and I’d like something native, you know?

it doesn’t have to be static.

<ion-item ng-repeat="item in items" type="item-text-wrap" >
	 <div class="row">
		 <div class="col col-20">{{item.TagId}}</div>
		 <div class="col col-80">{{item.FirstName}} {{item.LastName}}</div>

Thanks. Now can I use actionsheet when I click the row??
If so, how can I achieve that using ng-click?
And how can I add the header with the column names?

Can you help me? Anyone?