Filetransfer plugin download multiple files synchronous behavior

Hi, cordova filetransfer plugin works by default async.
Does anybody know how to configure sync behavior? No problem with single downloads, but when it comes to download multiple files the $scope.downloadProgress cannot be showed in a right form.

 $scope.downloadProgress = parseInt( (progress.loaded / * 100 )+'%';

so the approach could be synchronous configuration. is that possible? thank you

Have you found a solution for this?

I was trying to achieve the same thing and the best solution I have is following:

  1. array of stuff I want o upload
  2. function for uploading one item with parameter containing index of file I want to upload
  3. upload function is calling itself with parameter index+1

then you can show progress for each file.

right, at the end something like that is what i am doing.

 }, function (progress) {
          $timeout(function () {
                if (parseInt( (progress.loaded / * 100)  == 100 ) items_downloaded++;
                $scope.downloadProgress = items_downloaded +'/'+ $scope.items_total +' items downloaded';
                if ( $scope.items_total == items_downloaded ) {

where items_downloaded is a counter inside the foreach statement and increments every time the porcentage from a file equals 100%

Unfortunately It seems there is no sync solution for it.