Filesystem.mkdir not working on Windows/web

Is there a reason Filesystem.mkdir would not work on latest Windows 11/Chrome? I cannot get the mkdir function to work with either DATA and DOCUMENTS directory. Using latest Capacitor.

  async makeDirectory(folderPath: string) {
    const makeFolder = await Filesystem.mkdir({
      path: folderPath,
      directory: Directory.Documents // Tried Directory.Data too
    }).then(res2 => {
      // Folder exists
      console.log('list of files', res2);
      return true;
    }).catch(async err => {
     console.log(err,'Error creating directory');
     return false;

You should report an issue on the plugins repository

Make sure you provide a sample app where the issue can be reproduced

Thanks, oddly enough I need to take a break. For some reason it is working today. I will have to back track to see what happened.