File not visible when using ionic-native file


I’m currently using the ionic-native file plugin.
I can create a file but when I want to see it and check it on my phone I can’t see the file even when I enable the hidden files.
But I know I have create those file because when I use the listDir function I can see them in the console.
Do you know why I can’t see it and what I have to do in order to see it?


I found a solution, apparently by using dataDirectory I write something which is accessible only by the application and not by my File explorer.

So instead of using dataDirectory I used externalDataDirectory and it worked like a charm even if I don’t have a SD card. (The file will be in the folder file of your application)


This solution works for me (March 24, 2017) Ionic 2.2.0 but is this proper operation? If so, the documentation should state such.

This is gold, Thanks alot !! :slight_smile:

Access the file system via adb

For me the best way to debug the file system

adb shell
run-as yourappPackageName
cd /data/data/youappPackageName
ls -all