File Not Found Error


I am picking a file through this plugin file picker

It is then giving me the file URI which I am choosing through iCloud
like this :
Now this Uri tells us that the file is in temp Directory

After getting URI I am using CheckFile function to check whether the file exists or not.

this.file.checkFile(Cordova.file.tempDirectory+"bundleId-Inbox",currentName).then(succ=>{console.log("File found : ", succ)},
  console.log("File not found : ", err)})

Current Name is the file Name

But when check that the file exist or not it is giving me the error file not found error with code 1.

Why is that so ?


Problem Solved.

How we can delete the post ?


You can’t, but you can post the solution so other users can learn and benefit from it.


Hello, can you please share the solution? I’m also getting the URI, but I can’t use it to create a blob.