File Chooser plugin permission issue with Android X


I’m developing an app aimed only at android, and in this app I need resources to select a file inside the device’s storage and then open it using a standard app or send it to a server …

I use File Chooser to select the file and File Path to obtain nativeUri.

Then I try to open it with File Opener using a uri returned by File Path. but getting an unknown error in the standard app.

So I tried to send it to my server using File Transfer (upload) but I get catch informing about EACCES error: acess danied.

I did all the steps to request access to memory on android, and I make sure of this by checking the permissions for the app and there is access to storage (READ, WRITE).

Also to make sure it was not a permission error, I used File.create to create any file and I succeed.

I no longer know what to do to solve this problem of mine and I greatly hope that you can help me in some way. :slight_smile:

My environment is:


Ionic CLI: 6.11.0 (C: \ Users \ guima \ AppData \ Roaming \ npm \ node_modules \ @ionic \ cli)
Ionic Framework: @ ionic / angular 5.3.4
@ angular-devkit / build-angular: 0.1000.8
@ angular-devkit / schematics: 10.0.8
@ angular / cli: 10.0.8
@ ionic / angular-toolkit: 2.3.3


Capacitor CLI: 2.4.2
@ capacitor / core: 2.4.2


cordova-res: not installed
native-run: not installed


NodeJS: v12.18.3 (C: \ Program Files \ nodejs \ node.exe)
npm: 6.14.6
OS: Windows 10

Android 10 (Q) (tests);
cordova-plugin-file “:” ^ 6.0.2 ",
cordova-plugin-file-opener2 “:” ^ 3.0.5 ",
cordova-plugin-file-transfer “:” ^ 1.7.1 ",
cordova-plugin-filechooser “:” ^ 1.2.0 ",
cordova-plugin-filepath “:” ^ 1.5.8 ",

Have you evaluated capacitor-filepicker-plugin?