File///android_asset/www, where this folder exactly is

Hi, I’m having difficult time getting the media plugin work on android. I used the File plugin to check “www”, it said, the folder didn’t exist.
Who knows where exactly this folder is in the android system?
I tried to find it using the Device File Explorer of android studio but I couldn’t find it.

it’s not in /data/data/appuuid/

Ok. I understand now it’s in the apk. It’s not possible to browse.
but how come ```

this.file.checkDir(this.file.applicationDirectory, ‘www’).then(_ => console.log(‘Directory exists’)).catch(err =>
console.log(‘Directory doesn’t exist’));

shows the www folder doesn’t exist?

Haven’t you answered your own question? The bits of your app that are fetched by the WebView are all bundled up inside your app binary - they do not exist as distinct entities in the device filesystem.

I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to do with these assets, but your first instinct should always be “can I do whatever I’m trying to do without a plugin?”, because it will make your life much simpler. Each additional dependency you bring in (including plugins) adds another thing that can conflict and requires maintenance.

Hi, rapropos,
Many thanks for helping people like me over the years. Yes, I’ve found my answers just as you explained.
I’m upgrading a learning app which has hundreds of audio files need to be played. On ionic 5, I’ve found out that instead of /android_asset/www, it uses /android_asset/public for the asset files. And many thanks for your advice regarding the plugins and I’ve learned my lessons in the hard way. In my apps, now I only make use of minimum plugins, like Native Storage and Media and try to make the app as simple as possible.
Thanks again and I wish you a great day.
Stay safe and healthy!