Fetching data from a website

What to do if I want to fetch data from a website and use it in my app? For example, if suppose a website is showing a word that changes from time to time. I want my app to refresh once in 2 seconds and look for that word and display that word in the app. Am new to this, help me!

Hi @rahulblah,
Welcome to Ionic!
To fetch data from a website I supose you have to use a webserver, or an api and make http requests to it. If the website is Wordpress based, you may find some plugins to do it. After that, if you have access to the data from the website correctly, if the word changes, the changes will ocur in the app also…
I hope it helps you!

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See: https://www.codementor.io/johnnyb/how-to-write-a-web-scraper-in-nodejs-du108266t

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Hi @robinyo ,
I went through the guide. I’ll try it and get back in case of any issue :slight_smile: .