Feed not reflecting changes

I am saving user preferences - ‘topics’ to which a user subscribes - in an array in localStorage.
I am using the Ionic tabs layout in which my home tab view renders a list of elements (ng-repeat) reflecting the content relevant to the topics in the localStorage array. A user can add or remove subscribed topics from the array in localStorage. This is done through a checkbox in a view accessible through another tab. This is functioning correctly and changes are reflected in the localStorage array.

Behind the tab button for the home view where the topic list renders I have logic to iterate over the array of user’s subscribed topics in localStorage and render the relevant content. This should happen each time the home tab is selected.

Here lies the problem: the rendered list of elements is not reflecting changes made to the topics array in localStorage. Using Chrome I am able to view the content of localStorage. Changes to the content of the array in localStorage is not causing an update to the list of elements as it should be. It is not updating unless I do a refresh of my browser window.

Can anyone provide me with an idea of what is going on?

Ok, so it appears this was a caching issue, again…

Time to read up on caching.