Feed like Twitter mobile app

You have idea how to create feed like Twitter mobile app?
When you enter the app you see the last post you’ve seen, and you can scroll up to see new posts.
I can make it in ionic with scrollTo function but it will feel unreal and laggy.
Any ideas? I think it can be super great open source plugin

Video example


This apps don’t have the same behavior as the Twitter native app.
I meant that when you close the app and enter few hours later, the scroll will be on same point, you will see the same post but now you have more posts above so you can scroll up.

Video example

Shouldn’t be a problem, from looking at the way Twitter does it I would just not auto hide the splash screen (or use a fake splash screen if you want the animated transition), run the code to set the view up the way you need (e.g. using scrollTo with a duration of 0), and then hide the splash screen once the scroll has finished.