[Feat] : Is there a feature to mix checkbox, inputs and radio in alert?

Hello everyone,
Checkboxes not showing correctly when I mix them with prompts in alert
Need Help

So if you check out the docs for alerts, it would tell you this kind of mix/match is not supported.


Radios, checkboxes and text inputs are all accepted, but they cannot be mixed.

I have a component that i had to rewrite towards a modal because i couldn’t manage to get a searchbar in the Alert, maybe it’s a better approach for you?

An searchbar in an alert? Sounds neat :grin:

This is something alert is not intended to do. If you want a search bar, there are better UI patterns that you can use. Something like a modal is probably a better approach then trying to shoehorn a searchbar in an alert.

Our alerts try to follow Apples guidelines for how alerts should behave

Alert views display a concise and informative alert message to the user. Alert views convey important information about an app or the device, interrupting the user and requiring them to stop what they’re doing to choose an action or dismiss the alert.


I was trying to get the search bar to work with the select component, at the end used a modal with the searchbar, a radio group of 240 items and attached a click event to each so it could dismiss the modal and return back the value to a form.

Would be neat if it worked with the Alert instead but we work with what is available.

So you did end up using modal?

Again, something like that, 200+ items is beyond what an alert is meant to do. It’s meant for short interruptions and a simple message/response. Not full app UI

Yes we used custom modal with the mentioned features.

I know this chain is too old, and @mhartington has mentioned that this is not supported.
But this would be a great feature to allow mixture of radio, checkbox and text field in ionic-alert.

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