FCM Push Notifications Badge in tabs on IONIC 4

FCM Push Notifications Badge in tabs on IONIC 4

I have a php application that sends push notifications to my mobile application through curl, this works well(in my mobile application I receive push notifications).
In the application mobile has tab and the idea is that each time you send a notification, add to the badge of the tab notifications and if you
press the tab notifications clear the badge of the tab and the badge of the application icon.

I’m having two problems and I don’t know how to solve them anymore:

1)When I press the notification tabs the application icon badge is not cleared.

2)I don’t get notifications when I’m in backgroud mode.
Reading the topic recommended to use backgroundMode I did it… but it doesn’t work for me.

constructor(private backgroundMode: BackgroundMode, private badge:Badge, public platform: Platform, private fcm: FCM) {
this.platform.ready().then((readySource) => {
	console.log('Platform ready from', readySource);
	this.fcm.getToken().then(token => {
	this.fcm.onNotification().subscribe(data => {
		console.log("Received in background");
	  } else {
		console.log("Received in foreground");
  async increaseBadges(){
    let badges = await this.badge.increase(1);

For badges I use cordova-plugin-badge

I would thank you if you could help me… I tried everything
Thank you very much!