Faster build for development

I was wondering if there was a faster way to run builds in development? Currently i am hitting an average of a few seconds every time i save. Which adds up to a heck of a lot during a full day of development. Although the console is saying it builds on ,an average, 100ms per save , this is just not the case. And sometimes it can last up to 10 seconds ( this is rare but it does happen and i generally just refresh the browser )

In the task manager i see that nodejs is taking 604.5 MB of memory and chrome 220MB.

Granted my pc is not fast ā€¦ could that be the issue? That i just have a slow pc and i need to upgrade? I do not have any solid state drives. Would really like something like fuse ( ) where the on save is almost instantaneous.

I remember with angular 1.5 i was using in gulp for the live reload build and that was almost instantaneous and that included typescript transpolation.

Is there maybe some configuration that i am missing that could speed up the development process? Really wondering if this is worth it at the moment.

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Any suggestion please. This is getting a lot worse. I am waiting up to 15 seconds on each save now and sometimes is it not even getting the latest build.

In the console it says the build is complete but the page just keeps on loading. Just about ready to give up.

I had similar issue of the page not updated,
here are two workaround Iā€™m using:

  1. make a syntax error in the page (html/ts) not updated,
    wait to see syntax error from console,
    restore the syntax error;
  2. restart the compiler.