"Faking" multiple slides with a single component


I am trying to create a smooth nav experience where a user will swipe left or right to look at data for a given date.
For eg by default i will see todays data. Swiping right will take me back in time 1 day, swipe again for the previous day etc.

I have a component which will display the data based on the date input.

I was trying to originally use the navcontroller using forward and backward animation but I can’t get that working at all. And I dont think it will be so smooth. The best user interface for swiping seems to be the slides component so I really want to use that.

But i don’t want to hardcode the component multiple times within predefined slides and component inputs. That simply wont work. Instead I want to have one slide which swiping left or right will change the input and reload the data but give a nice user experience.

I thought if i set the loop option to true and then capture the swipe event to increase or decrease the date input it would just work but looping doesnt seem to work and although my data does change the slide seems to get stuck half way across the screen??
Any better suggestions or ideas here?